Bristol’s escort industry without Backpage

Bristol's escort industry without backpage

With regards to the escort industry in Bristol without Backpage, we evaluate whether it is better or worse?

For anybody reading this who is not familiar with the website Backpage, it was the second biggest classified advertising website in the United States of America for cars, jobs, real estate and pets etc. However, it also allowed adult advertising which eventually became its downfall and demise in 2018. An operation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation claimed that Backpage and its affiliate websites, knowingly allowed users to advertise human trafficking and child prostitution amongst its adult escort adverts.

Backpage had become a notorious and hugely controversial classified website. The Unite States Senate accused Backpage of being directly involved with sex trafficking and the sexual exploitation of minors through its free listings. Before Backpage was closed down and the Ceo’s prosecuted, in 2017 they were forced to remove the adult section of the classified site but deviously allowed any adult listings to be put into the “massage” section or “women seeking men” dating section.

So, taking the history of into consideration, is the escort industry, especially for Bristol escorts, better now without this advertising site?

Obviously for the genuine escorts in Bristol, the answer is no! The genuine escorts have lost one of their main sources of advertising. Because Backpage has been closed down, most of the escort girls and people working within the escort industry no longer have a way of supporting themselves. Backpage was an inexpensive form of advertising for escorts. The escort industry claimed to get most of their business from Backpage. The fact that human traffickers used Backpage, it was easier for the authorities to catch them. Now the human traffickers will simply take their work underground and it will be almost impossible to find them.

Unfortunately for the Bristol escort ladies and Backpages´s demise, Backpage did not verify the escorts who placed their adverts with them. Therefore, amongst the genuine sex workers of the escort industry there was a dark side of the advertising, pimped, controlled, human trafficking and scammers who used the site for illegal activities. Of course, many people argued that Backpage couldn’t be responsible for who places their adverts on their website and what they do thereafter.

Some adult advertising sites, such as Adult work in Bristol, verify the adverts from the escort industry. For example, they must show photographic identification and a photo with today’s date and “adult work” next to them. It is claimed that did nothing like this, so anybody could falsely advertise on the classified adult section of the site. The pro’s to website being taken down by the F.B.I, is that there is less chance of the rogue escort industry operating and therefore giving the escort industry a bad name. But as mentioned above, this could force them underground and less likely to be caught. However, some people from the genuine escort industry believe it’s best for the rogue escort industry in Bristol to be forced underground, so the genuine escorts don’t get a bad name. In order for the real Bristol escorts to operate without their good reputations being tarnished from the escort underworld, they need to now find an alternative source of advertising their escort services.