Essex escorts are better than a relationship

Essex escorts are better than a relationship

Firstly, there is no such thing as free sex! Even a one night stand costs you something. If you stop and think how much you spend you will be gobsmacked. In a relationship, you have to take her out for a meal. Also, you have to buy her drinks when you go out so that you look chivalrous. Especially at the beginning of the relationship. Not only that, but you end up buying her gifts too. Let’s not even mention the amount of money you spend on fuel picking her up to take her places, or travelling to her house. All of this is money spent with the final aim of getting into bed with her! Oh, don’t forget the amount of time you invest in dating before you finally get to bed her! If you add up how much all of this costs you, you are looking at hundreds of pounds before you even get the chance for sex. Of course, sex is not even guaranteed. Within those first few weeks, after you have invested so much into it. She might just decide that she isn’t interested. Or vice versa. Honestly, is it really worth all that financial and emotional investment?

If you would rather get straight to the point instead of dillydallying then an Essex escort is the way to go.

Using an escort in Essex is more economically viable if your main aim in forming a relationship is just for the physical aspect. You know exactly how much you are going to spend before the night even begins.

Another reason as to why Essex escorts are better than relationships. Is the fact that you can decide what you want to do without her saying no! Your every whim is catered to when with an escort. An escort from Essex is more adventurous and sexually aware than most women. They are experienced and up for almost anything. They won’t turn around sharply and say ‘exit only’ when you get excited and try for a bit of anal!

The added bonus is the fact that you can go at your own rhythm. She is available whenever you want. You will not have cancelled dates because she is washing her hair. Or because she wants to go out with her friends. Nor will you have to tolerate her family and friends. You can choose the places you go. The people you see or don’t see. Also, the pressure is removed. Something else that is guaranteed from an Essex escort is sexy lingerie every single time. Everybody knows that in a relationship it is only the first few times that you will see her in lingerie. The rest of the times her underwear does not match. Plus, once she is comfortable with you, all you will see is her old underwear that is comfortable but definitely not sexy.

Relationships are hard work. You do not have to worry about whether or not she will get annoyed with you for forgetting to answer a message. You have to put a lot of time an effort in. Parts of your life have to be sacrificed to be with her. This is just not a convenient situation to be in if you are a busy person and only really interested in having sex.