Latest news on Manchester escorts

Latest news on Manchester escorts

Latest news on Manchester escorts from an anonymous journalist based in Manchester.

Manchester escorts are more popular than ever with a recent study concluding that one in four women in Manchester are working as escorts. When you’re with your female friends, family, work colleagues or sat on the bus, the chances are that someone around you is moonlighting.

Our investigators spoke to some of the acclaimed escorts in Manchester to ask their views on why escorting in Manchester is more in demand than ever.

“Women are struggling to balance jobs with child care costs. There is too much pressure. By the time you’ve found a job, then paid childminders, were actually out of pocket.” – Candie from Manchester

“There is no other job that pays well and can fit around your personal life.”- Tia from Manchester

“I am an escort in Manchester in the evening. My daytime job doesn’t pay enough to pay the bills” – Adele from Manchester

100% of the Manchester escorts that we spoke to, money was one of the main factors as to why they are escorts in Manchester. With increasing house prices and lack of jobs, women all over the UK are struggling to provide for their families. 200,000 of these women are living in poverty and while they have the qualifications and skills necessary to earn more money, they could not find any decent jobs offering flexibility with hours or location. When a female works for a Manchester escort agency, all the administration is done for her and all the work-related bills are paid for her. She literally gives the days and hours that she can work and the escort agency in Manchester gets the booking for her. Escorts who work with a Manchester escort agency, don’t pay any fees unless they have work. Its slightly different for an independent escort in Manchester, they are self-employed. Independent escorts pay their own bills and make their own bookings but keep 100% of the profits.

“It’s a no brainer. Intelligent women who can’t find a job are turning to escorting in Manchester. They can choose their own hours and make more money than any other job available. The men in Manchester appreciate our skills and pay well for them”, stated Cherry, an independent Manchester escort.

With prostitution being the oldest profession in the world, it’s hard to imagine Manchester without escorts available. From the 50 clients who we spoke to, they said with all the pressures of work, Manchester escorts were important to stop men feeling depressed. Manchester escorts are considered to be the foundation of happiness in Manchester. They spread happiness and relaxation to their clients that has a knock-on effect to the community of Manchester city. As more women become escorts, more men in Manchester are using them. Escort tourism is at a high, bringing men from all over the world to visit the famous Manchester escorts. It would appear that no matter how hard the authorities try to abolish prostitution, escorts won’t give up and clients won’t stop seeing them.

“As technology advances, I hope sex robots don’t take our escort jobs!” – Sexy Lexy in Manchester.