The positives of legalising prostitution in London

Legalisation of prostitution in London

At the present time, to be a prostitute it is not illegal, but there are some related prostitution activities which are illegal. Soliciting in a public place, street girls and kerb crawling are illegal. Owning or managing a brothel are illegal. Pimping girls for sex, for example an agent who makes bookings for escorts and takes some of her earnings, is illegal. Therefore, operating a prostitution business is illegal. An agent who makes money for financial gain from a prostitute is committing is illegal. Transporting a prostitute to an outcall booking is illegal. Trafficking an escort, controlling or forcing a girl to be a prostitute is illegal. It is illegal for a prostitute to work under the age of 18 years, even though the age of consent is 16 years old for non-prostitutes.

Whilst it is legal to work as a prostitute, the illegal laws surrounding, make it quite difficult for prostitutes to operate. Many prostitutes or escorts have been forced to work unsafely as independent sex workers because escort agency owners and brothel owners are committing a crime. Prostitutes are working unsafely for themselves as independent escorts or independent escorts because they have no one to tell where they are going and no security. A prostitute who makes her own bookings and travels to her own appointments is working legally, but she has no security or backup if anything was to go wrong. Independent prostitutes have been killed because they have no escort agency owners to look after them!

Many police forces in the U.K, such as London’s police force “tolerate” escort agencies and massage parlours. Escort agencies provide time and companionship, anything else that takes place is between two consenting adults. Massage parlours provide men with female massages, anything else that takes place is between two consenting adults. Whilst the police know what is really going on, providing there are no complaints, no nusiness caused with drugs and alcohol, they turn a blind eye. It is proved with studies conducted in the larger of cities in the U.K, known as London, that prostitution reduces rape and the police realise and acknowledge this. Some police forces in the bigger cities even attend the premises of a massage parlour regularly to ensure everything is in order, but, always leave a card stating that the owners are running an illegal business. It is always a risk operating a prostitution business as at any time the police and authorities decide to, they could close them down and prosecute the owners. There are now more independent prostitutes in London than ever before.

The legalisation of prostitution would change the industry in London, because more escort agency owners and brothel owners could operate to provide a safe working environment for prostitutes. Prostitutes would earn more, under the costs of advertising and accommodation from the owners. Currently, independent prostitutes have to provide funds for their own advertising which is taking a large profit of their income. Particularly Viva Street who charges extortionate rates to prostitutes to advertise on their classified site. The fact that prostitutes are not earning as much, they cannot afford a private and safe premise to work from, whereas an escort agency or a brothel provides them with this. Escort agencies either provide security drivers for their girls or if the girl chooses to drive herself, they know exactly who she is with and where she is. Independent prostitutes are at a great risk and can feel very isolated with no one to turn to for help. Prostitutes who are new to the prostitution industry and therefore are very unexperienced are at a greater safety risk. Changing the legislation of the prostitution industry in London would allow massage parlours and escort agencies to go to the police for help, without having to take matters into their own hands. Prostitutes would also be more confident to go to the police if they had problems with a controlling boss. If more men could visit prostitutes legally, it would significantly reduce human trafficking and child exploitation.

Millions of pounds are spent dealing and tackling with prostitution and those involved with the running of it. Prisons are becoming full, because of what is essentially a victimless crime. If prostitution was legalised, the prostitutes themselves and owners of the prostitution business could pay their taxes without any worry. London government would not only save million, it would generate many taxes for save the country. If prostitution was legalised, there would not be the underworld escort industry that is associated with the criminal and illegal activities of prostitution.

Prostitution is the world’s oldest profession, dating back to Mary Magdalene in the bible. No matter what the London authorities try to do to stop prostitution, it still continues to operate. There is no stopping prostitution in London So why not legalise it and the country, government and all the prostitutes can reap the benefits of legalised prostitution?!